Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doctor & Nurse Drowned @ Air Terjun Kampung Giam, Padawan, Sarawak.

Yesterday, 9th May 2011, as usual, i'm doing my regular business at work, 5.30PM fetch my wife at Hospital Selayang and we head back home for dinner like any other day. But, yesterday my wife received a sad news regarding her colleague during Unimas studies who drowned. I can feel how sad she was to lose a dear friends whom they share many years studying together with all her other friends. My wife said, arwah Azri is a good man, he wore specs and have a curly hair, a white guy and turn to reddish when he's shy. My wife told me she's very sad as all her Unimas friends planning for a gathering for this July and my wife text him whether he want to join as well for Gambang waterpark trip, but no reply from him..only for us to know about this news later after that.

It's the second time my wife lose her dear friends, an unfortunate accident happen to her old friend back at home in Terengganu. Happen not long after the last time we met him. A very helpful guy.

Back to Mohd Azri, on this page, I post a few pictures & news taken from several official online newspaper. My condolence for both victim's families, may they rest peacefully and placed together among the greatest. Death can be anywhere, anytime, are we prepare for it?

"KUCHING – A brave doctor drowned after he jumped into a waterfall to save a nurse. Unfortunately, both persons were found dead later.
The incident occurred at Kampung Giam this morning at 11.30 am when Mohd Azri Dollah from Semariang tried to save a colleague.
Azri aged 27 working at the Heart Specialist centre, Samarahan was with three nurses enjoying an outing at 9 am.
Norfazillah bte Abdul Kadi from Kampung Baru had gone to the deeper end of the waterfront and then screamed for help when she had problem staying afloat.
Friends said they saw Azri being dragged down and the other two nurses ran off to seek hep.
When the rescue team came, both were found but were declared dead. A lot of doctors arrived from the Heart specialist after hearing the news with some of them breaking down."
- Sarawakupdate

RAKAN yang turut sama berkelah berada di sisi mayat mangsa lemas sebelum dibawa ke Hospital Umum Sarawak, semalam.
Pakar kardiologi Pusat Jantung HUS cuba bantu rakan tergelincir ketika berkelah

"KUCHING: Seorang doktor muda sempat mengucapkan 'Selamat Hari Ibu' kepada ibunya kelmarin, sebelum lemas ketika cuba menyelamatkan seorang rakan yang turut lemas selepas tergelincir ke dalam sungai ketika mandi bersama dua rakan lain di air terjun Kampung Giam, Padawan, dekat sini, semalam.
Kedua-dua mangsa dikenali sebagai Dr Mohd Azri Dollah, 27, dari Semariang, seorang pakar kardiologi Pusat Jantung, Hospital Umum Sarawak (HUS) Samarahan dan jururawat di Hospital Memorial Rajah Brooke, Norfazillah Abdul Kadir, 23, berasal dari Kampung Baru, Samarahan.
Mereka bersama dua lagi rakan yang juga jururawat, pergi berkelah di air terjun yang terletak kira-kira 35 km dari sini, pagi semalam.

Kejadian berlaku jam 11.30 pagi, apabila Norfazillah yang mandi di tepi air terjun dilihat terkapai-kapai meminta bantuan dan apabila menyedari mangsa tidak pandai berenang, Dr Mohd Azri terus terjun dan cuba menyelamatkannya.

Namun, beliau dipercayai menghadapi kesukaran berikutan arus kuat serta badannya yang ditarik Norfazillah yang panik sehingga kedua-dua mangsa lemas dan hilang di tempat kejadian.

Dua rakan mangsa yang menyaksikan kejadian kemudian meminta pertolongan penduduk kampung yang mengambil masa kira-kira 20 minit mencari mayat mangsa yang tenggelam ke lubuk sungai.
Ibu Dr Mohd Azri, Sharifah Mordiah Wan Abu Bakar, 53, berkata anaknya itu menyatakan hasrat membawanya keluar makan malam sempena Hari Ibu semalam selepas tidak dapat berbuat demikian malam kelmarin.

“Dia sempat memeluk dan mengucapkan ‘Selamat Hari Ibu’ kepada saya dan berjanji membawa kami sekeluarga menikmati makan malam hari ini (semalam) selepas mahu menanti semua adik beradik berkumpul bersama meraikan Hari Ibu,” katanya.

Sementara itu, ibu Norfazillah, Latifah Led, 47, berkata anaknya itu mula berubah apabila dia memakai baju kurung dan tudung putih ketika menghadiri majlis perkahwinan seorang saudara mereka di Samarahan, kelmarin.

“Saya tidak mengesyaki apa-apa ketika Norfazillah memakai pakaian serba putih ketika menghadiri majlis perkahwinan saudara kami, malah dia kelihatan cukup ceria sepanjang kenduri, termasuk sempat bergurau bersama ahli keluarga yang lain,” katanya. - BeritaHarian

"Gambar: Sharifah Mordiah Wan Abu, 53, menjawab telefon dari sanak saudara sambil menatap gambar anaknya Dr. Mohammad Azri Dollah yang ditemui mati lemas ketika berkelah di air terjuan Kampung Giam, Jalan Puncak Borneo, Kuching."
- lulu-pages.blogspot

Monday, May 09, 2011

Super Sunday: Manchester VS Chelsea (2-1)

Yesterday night was a hectic & stressful night! Javier Hernandez scored a perfect start just 36sec after whistle game give me a shock! Although I believe Chelsea will make a come back, but 2nd goal by Vidic burned it all. Even though Lampard manage to get the ball into opponent's goal, BUT, it's a little too late. We're talking about scoring against Man U here and Premier League title is at stake. Ferguson’s men held firm to seal a win which leaves them needing only a point at Blackburn on Saturday to secure the title.

Liverpool is going down to history as Man United is about to claim the 19th tittle & overtake their tally record. The Red Devils now needing a just a draw from their remaining two fixtures to be crowned champions. Sadly & hopefully Liverpool is going to make a drastic return with their new player next season :P

For Chelsea, I felt sorry for David Luiz. It's kind of a grave mistake, but anything can happen in split seconds! He's trying to do the right thing but...they don't always go the way you want it as the ball diverted and give Hernandez the chance to score the perfect start. I don't blame David Luiz even though title is at stakes, David Luiz have helped The Blues in numerous games, a promising player for upcoming season!

Anyway, Gratz for Man United winning & gratz for the fans as well. I'll have to live with it for Chelsea's lost and suck it up! LOL!