Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alrite..Back on the line..

This upcoming few blogs will go back in times la coz i've stopped posting anything since i-fogot-when..Haa..Anyway, this is my journey to Singapore, just South of Malaysia, in case someone don't know..Dan jugak, aku sembang bahasa campur2 je la ni..Kang speaking2,cam lahir kat Europe la plak.

18/7/2006..According to the calendar,it's tuesday..Lepak kat rumah Ediph layan cite 'My boss, My Teacher'..Sambungan dari cerita 'My Boss, My Hero'. So damn funny..Sape-sape nak pinjam, just ring the bell. Later on, sambung cite 'Tokyo Drift' up to 4.30am, then went back home..10++ houses away.

Kol 9, Ediph kejut siap²..9.40am gerak terus gi Singapore..Then tuka duit RM100 dapat $46 jek..Huhu...Hampeh btul ah..Then we went straight to Adam road at Bukit Timah. Get there around 1130, terus makan lunch yang free..Haha..Seb baik nenek ko niaga kat sane.

Adam rd, Bukit Timah

After lunch, we went to Orchard. Went into Far East Plaza, Lucky Plaza..Senang kate, the whole plaza yang ade kat Orchard rd. Then lepak kat Starbucks..Pekene Choc blend and chicken i-don't-know-the-name. The last place we went to is Takashimaya sc, then tetibe perut gwa meragam plak..Dan yang paling seronok skali ialah, kat Singapore ni xde tandas yang ade paip getah..bagusnya!!Tak ingin aku datang lagi!

The Starbucks

Then i rushed out to Masjid Al-Falah, somewhere nearby..So lucky to catch the glimpse of the signboard, coz the mosque doesn't look like a mosque at all..It's the same as all the office building..Wierdo! Went back to Takashimaya..Then lepak² along the Orchard rd sidewalk, looking at people walking around..It's look much the same as in KL,i don't find much differences. Lastly, before we went back, we hit on the Burger King..Hell Yeah..ntah halal ke tidak ntah...BENGONG! ordered a set of 'Bbq Turkey Bacon with American Cheese' and additional Onion ring..tak boleh tinggal yang ini..haha..

Spongebob Baybeh

Nelly anyone?

Then we went back to the starting point, the Far East Plaza, buy some t-shirts, take the MRT and went straight back to homeland..owh,i miss u so much..hahaha..sampai rumah around 11pm jugak la..That's it,my day in s'pore..Damn! my money have been wasted on the food..haha..junk!

Where am i?

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