Tuesday, May 08, 2007


well..a lot of things have been going around for the past 7 months since my last post..things happen as times goes by..actually, i the one who is lazy to wrote anything..haha..what to do..i'm too lazy to open this thing.perhaps,i'll become much more 'rajin' i must say..hemmm..

for the past month..hemm..what i want to wrote about eh..yes..i've graduate from UKM..i didn't bring along my grad picture..too bad..can't post it.what the hell..this is the pic after the convo session..

It's me in black, nasir next to me, and the juniors.

then later on, i don't remember actually what happen last year..haha..later then this year on march, my band, Days End With Sunrise officialy burst into the Metalcore scene with our first Vox, Thannesh. we end our search for vocalist and start composing our own songs. for now, 2 songs already been recorded..just live record okay..no money to go with track by track recording la..haha..this is my bandmate..before thannesh join in..and after..

Days End With Sunrise...Before and After.

And the last thing..last month,i went for vacation to Terengganu..where is it? of course my girlfriend's house. i sleep over for 1 night..i love it there..her family is very2 mesra..her father even ask me to bring back with me a 13kg watermelon..very2 huge..i'm not going to post any picture of my vacation there..it's PNC..haha..

Okay...enough of my talking for now..i'm at Sime Darby HQ right now..doing some User Acceptance Test..why are they working so slow eh..??the system supposed to go live on the 9th of MAY..still,the training is AFTER the system go live...what the heck?!whatever it is..just do my job..okay..meeting time.

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