Friday, December 05, 2008

The Return of The Author

haha....i haven't been posting like a year..whew..somehow I'm getting back on my feet and catch up where i have left things. got lots of thing to post here..ima start with my work recently which is conducting short courses on "Pembangunan Laman Web" @ MID Yan, Kedah. Spent few days's a lovely place and i love peaceful, lots of interesting people and they're very nice..i really mean it..they're nice and friendly. Me and my colleague feel the warmth welcome :D

Basically, the short-course covers all-you-need-to-know bout basic HTML coding. Everything is at your fingertips..but it's kinda sad coz the participant unable to upload their own self developed website to the net due to unavoidable technical issues. Still, their hard work worth it from their smiles :)

here's the pix of our last day at MID Yan, Kedah.

Hehe..the fun people of Yan

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