Thursday, May 20, 2010

Same old Theme, with new set of coding.

I've just discard my old html template & put in new 1..much more decent coding, easier to find :D

No changes in the front, still the same lame black page with white writings.

I've discard the old comment application by Haloscan since they're starting to charge people now.. T.T too bad, it's a nice application. So now, I'm back using this blog comments application. All previous comment are now gone.


faliq@withoutknowing said...

eh aku silap post comment tempat lain pulak..adoi..Haha

aKMaL said...

hah..aku da agak dah ko salah tempat comment..same aje page aku ngan lame, tuka coding jek..malas aku nak edit2 design..biar itam aje senang..haha..

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