Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wonderful Thursday

Why? Because 2morrow is Friday.. Going to see my wife..wehoo :D

Have been getting few wedding invitation for this May & June.. Sorry to those whom I'm not able to be there for your wedding :) I have duty to attend to.

Seronoklah jugak, ramai kawan2 pn da kawin & da nak kawin..congratulations to all.. Including myself coz I Just Got MARRIED! haha..3 month ago. June is around the corner, time passing by, what have I done this year? How many minutes of my life has gone wasted? Have I accomplish anything? All this big question lingering in my head for quite sometime, knocking every inch of my brain, waking me up from my dream to face the reality of life.. I haven't achieve anything this year, except that I'm married of course :D. It's an achievement! :P Martin Luther King once give a speech of "I Have A Dream" Do I have a dream? Of course! and nope, not gonna tell :P

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