Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Farewell to dear friend.

Last week was hectic, I try to participate as many activities as I could, but human have their limits..I get no rest last week! Busy day Monday to Friday, A badminton session with colleagues.. (get a new racket from Faliq on that Wednesday night xD) It's a nanospeed 9000!!! and yeah, it's a what? :P

We had a good, merrier and yet a sad Thursday lunch as to gather everyone for a last farewell to one of our dearest colleague. He's been such a great buddy and mostly would agree. Hope he'll find a better future out there :)

and on Friday night, it's bachelor's night! although few of us aren't bachelor anymore..lolz..but it's the guys night out. Went to Sahara Tent at Shah Alam for a great Arabic style food and most importantly, the Shisha :D

Friday till Sunday, I'm supposed to go to MYSAT family day @ Melaka, but....too bad, too many too handle. Gotta help my sister move in to her new home. Lots and lots of stuff to bring a long.

In the end, Sunday is a seat-at-home-cleaning-washing-cleaning-washing-eat-sleep day.. :D

going back to JB though this weekend with my lovely wife..can't wait!! missing her too much..

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