Saturday, May 07, 2011

Shit happens

ahhh...bad things happen tonight on the crumpy road infront of my house. I was rushing out from my house, accidentally scratch my neighbour's car which I thought was OK coz I couldn't see anything on my car (night time, not clear enough to search for scratch in the middle of the road) I try to be dodgy and not telling the owner assuming owner's car was fine too. But, then owner call me asking bout the scratch. I didn't say yes at first as I couldn't confirm myself if it is really me. I stop my car at petrol station after owner called me so that I can see clearly on my car, there it is, a scratch on my car too. I continue my driving as i'm in a rush.

Owner called me 2nd time, I didn't get the chance to answer phone as i'm driving. Owner called me 3rd time very2 angry saying she have witness and i've already have BIG LIE on my face :( I park my car on the road side to clear myself and i've acknowledge the scratch was caused by me. Owner demand an apology from me and to be responsible of my wrongdoing, meaning pay for damage. I give her my apology (of course and apology since I didn't tell owner it's me). But, to be responsible for scratching the car?

Here's my situation.
1) From the picture (don't be deceive,I'm using wide lens, so the space is smaller then what u see here), my car is on the left of the dustbin, behind the myvi (the car I scratch). As you can see, there's a car on the left of my house (myvi) another car opposite of myvi, another car opposite of my house, and another 1 more car is opposite of the house on my right.
2) All this cars leave me with very little space to move, going in or out of porch and I'm stuck in the middle of all the cars. All the house on the opposite is vacant, so the cars there are not on their own house. (some have more cars, some don't even bother to park in the porch coz of pets, places to dry clothing, shoe rack and so on)
3) Chances of me scracthing anyone's car infront of my house is VERY high..

I'm guilty and i do have to pay for the damages?Outside of our house is a common area, it's not ours. By parking outside by any means, meaning that you're willing to take the risk getting scratches, accident & etc. And if someone scratches your car, they have to pay for it? Even though your parking cars is clearly a traffic obstruction?

Enlighten me please, TQ!

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